Air Adventure Paragliding School is based in the Brighton, Sussex area, only an hour from London. Learn to fly on the South Downs at famous sites like Devil's Dyke, Caburn, Bo Peep, Firle and Ditchling where paragliding and hang gliding is a way of life.

Why Choose
Air Adventure?

pic by Francis Valdes

At Air Adventure Paragliding we offer a more personal approach to teaching paragliding, with low student-to-instructor ratios and a lot of one-to-one tuition; the philosophy being that students learn more quickly and more safely. We are a British Hang-gliding and Paragliding Association BHPA registered Paragliding School and our instructors have been running paragliding courses and offering tandem flights on the South Downs in Sussex for over 15 years. Our courses run 7 days a week 12 months of the year weather permitting, lessons are flexible and can be designed to fit around a busy lifestyle.


Open-Ended Courses

Elementary Pilot and Club Pilot courses are open-ended, you pay for the course and not by the day so if tuition is called off because conditions become unsuitable for teaching you are not penalised you just book a lesson for another day.

training with air adventure

The safety and progression of our students are our main priorities, so at Air Adventure Paragliding we only use top quality, current generation canopies. They have been carefully selected not only for their safety attributes but also for their easy handling characteristics. This not only speeds up your training but also makes the whole process great fun.

Train On Private Sites

One of the great advantages we have is that we not only teach on the local SHGC sites such as Devils Dyke, Firle etc, but we also have private training sites available, ideal for those first low hops, and big soaring flights allowing our students in their early stage of development to fly in a safer, more controlled environment away from crowded skies.

taken by Francis Valdes

Towing -
Double Your Airtime

Air Adventure Paragliding is also the only school on the South Coast to have their own winch and we can tow in any wind direction on our site directly behind Devils Dyke. Imagine being towed up to 2000ft then releasing high above the Downs and soaring around with the birds and finally landing gently back at launch. WOW, you won’t want to walk up a hill again.

Try Before You Buy

In addition to paragliding tuition, we can supply all the equipment you will need for when you are qualified, and as agents for all the leading manufacturers can offer total unbiased advice. Demonstration canopies and harnesses are always available to try before you buy, plus we keep in stock a selection of helmets, reserves, varios etc and all the books and DVDs to help you become a better and safer pilot. Check out our on-line shop.

So, whether it’s a tandem flight, a 1 or 2 day taster day, full EP/CP course or a new canopy, Air Adventure Paragliding can offer you a package to suit your budget and needs.

Paragliding Lessons
on the South Downs
close to Brighton

Buy an EP Course, for £539, buy a second one for £325